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African Mudcloth Throw Blanket
African Mudcloth Throw Blanket

African Mudcloth Throw Blanket

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Authentic African mudcloth thoughtfully lined with luxuriously soft faux fur. The perfect throw blanket for your home. Due to the durability of the mudcloth, it also doubles as an excellent blanket for picnics and other outings.

Mudcloth, or bogolanfini, is a Malian textile created from sewing together thin handwoven cotton strips that are then hand dyed using fermented mud and plants. The tradition is centuries old and each cloth takes on average a week to produce. 

Each mudcloth is handmade so pattern and size may vary slightly.

  • 100% cotton mudcloth || 100% polyester faux fur
  • Size is approximately 60" x 40"
  • Machine wash cold* || Hang dry  

*Blankets have been prewashed to prevent bleeding. Please note slight bleeding in the black, indigo, and yellow is still a small possibility. Handle with care and if you are extra concerned, hand wash in cold water.